Currently our Opal Syndicated Mortgage Has three years term, 10% consistent annual return with quarterly-basis payment, 3% annual bonus. The project is located at 3312 Kingston Rd, Toronto. As a small developed by Times Development Group, this project has finished more than 90% pre-sale.


SD Capital as the exclusive financing partner, has started to finance for Opal Urban Town Project.

Additional, Denforth Square Preferred Shares still has less than 1 million investment space. Two investment options are listed as follows:

Preferred Shares 1

Estimate Return Rate:51%

Investment Term: 3 Years

Minimum Investment Amount: $25,000

Fixed annual return 17%

(Lump Sum Payment when the project finished)

Preferred Shares 2

Estimated Return Rate: 45%

Investment Term: 3 Years

Minimum Investment Amount: $25,000

Fixed annual return: 10%

(Quarterly Payment)

SD Capital can provide all the legal document and detailed investment subscriptions. We sincerely welcome inquire of investors who has interests in these projects. Please feel free to contact us.


Our Investment advisor contact: 647-351-3688 Ex. 202

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