SD Capital Management Ltd. is one of the biggest Canadian Chinese base private residential and commercial mortgage lenders. We offer our private and institutional investors strategies to invest into fully-secured and high-yield mortgage investment funds and investment assets. We also provide property developers and owners with quick approvals on flexible short to mid–term residential and commercial financing.

Through the rigorous institutional grade underwriting to generate attractive yields and stable sources of income for our investors, we have earned the trust and reputation after having provided first and second mortgages for residential and commercial properties and syndicated mortgages in the Greater Toronto Area since 2001.


SD Capital was founded by Mr. Wen Xiang (Victor) Huo, a licensed Capital Administrator ( Lic. # 12695,) DOP (Lic.#151142) and a Mortgage Principal Broker ( Lic.# M08009932) with extensive experiences in the mortgages, capital management and real estate industries.

Mr. Huo started his mortgage business in 2001, followed as the president of Xinda Mortgages Inc. , Centum Fundamental Financial Inc., SD Mortgages Inc. and SD Capital Management Ltd..  In his past sixteen year practices, Mr. Huo came to realize and reorganize that normal financial institutions weren’t meeting the needs of residential and commercial property owners and developers, and banks often refuse to adjust their lending criteria or respond slowly to financing opportunities, even for the borrowers with solid track records and desirable property securities.

Mr. Huo decided to catch the opportunity to provide short-term and mid-term financing for properties undergoing repositioning or renovation by setting up the fund pools like MICs.

SD Mortgages Inc. and SD Capital began to increase market share in Great Toronto Areas by providing our clients the 1st and 2nd mortgages with our flexible terms, competitive rates and quick approvals, we have provided our clients with the mortgage amount of over two hundred fifty millions ( $250MM) .

Attracted by our extensive risk analysis, secured with real-properties and fixed returns, our investors initially participated through syndication arrangements and later mortgage investment corporations.  The syndicated mortgages amount is of over twelve millions ($12MM) for the projects. We have also built the loyalty from our clients and investors. However, we are working to build our MICs and wishing to expand the business across entire Canada and to China and the United States.


Our business model is structured with two objectives:

  1. Providing 1st, 2nd, syndicated mortgages and bridge financing to residential and commercial property borrowers and developers who are seeking to purchase, refinance, refurbish or develop residential and commercial real estate in major Canadian markets.
  2. Offering investors a secure source of income from a diversified pool of fully secured residential and commercial mortgages.


All of our mortgages are custom tailored. Loans typically range from $500k to $10 million over terms up to 36 months, with interest rates as low as 6.99%, depending on the property. Our underwriting process focuses on borrower experience includes a thorough analysis of:

  • Property value and credit assessment
  • Project economics and exit strategies
  • Micro and macro market conditions


Secured with property, fixed return and paid quarterly

We offer investors a range of mortgage investments for seeking steady quarterly income. The funds pool together a balanced portfolio of fully-secured residential and commercial mortgages that provide ready liquidity to investors. We adhere to the lending policy that includes:

  • Structuring innovative financings to boost investment returns
  • Conducting thorough due diligence and credit assessments
  • Investing in short-term and mid-term mortgages (1 to 3 years) to mitigate interest rate and market risks
  • Lending only against properties with favorable valuationsand definable exit strategies