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Canadian federal government legislation is a unique Canadian real estate investment tool, collateral, TAX-EXEMPT products

2011 listed on the Stock Exchange only three MIC funds, 2016 to 15, no Chinese MIC

MIC management between 100 million – 49 billion yuan, private MIC scale in the millions and hundreds of millions; all Canada MIC scale in 68 billion or so (June 2014 data)

MIC has private equity, open funds, mortgages, guarantees, lenders, trusts, REITS and investment real estate

MIC is the flow-through share (flow-through share status) investment tool, no need to pay corporate income tax, all of its net profit will only flow through the MIC and before the distribution of income tax to investors. The dividend income from the MIC will be treated as interest income.

The first stage:

Management company for the first phase of the fund pool raised 20 million yuan, 1 Canadian dollar per share; 1 million from the vote, redemption period of two years. (In the case of auditors’ reports), all investors (including institutional investors) shall not exceed the total amount of shares in the current period, and the total amount of the equity (including institutional investors) shall not exceed the current total Of 25%;

Management company for the second phase of the fund pool raised to 100 million Canadian dollars, 1 Canadian dollar per share; 1 million from the vote, according to the actual situation, the redemption period of three years.

The management company also issued 1-year or 3-year convertible bonds; 10% fixed income of convertible bonds;

The two equity and debt financing referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 above could enter into a gambling agreement with SD Capital Management Ltd..

second stage:

 1: 20 million funds (and investment) in place to start in the TFE or MTR listed.

 2: public offering is publicly traded after the issuance of new shares or private placement, when the capital source is more extensive, the original shareholders to enjoy more legal rights and interests.


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